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Vineyard & Winery

Vineyard & Winery

The Vineyard

It all starts in the vineyards and Mother Nature. Our geography is fortunate to have 4 distinct seasons, plenty of rainfall (sometimes too much!) and rich soils.  Central Kentucky's loamy soils and deep limestone shelves (which are also perfect for bourbon making!) allow us to craft a wonderful selection of wines with character.  The unique soil conditions of our property, having maury loam on top of limestone shelf-rock and clay, provides the vines with many natural minerals and nutrients, often eliminating the need for commercial fertilization.  We have late frosts and early harvests---therefore a constant watch of the Weather Channel is a must!

The Winery

For grape harvest, press and fermentation, we use traditional winemaking techniques and equipment. Our renovated tobacco barn winery holds many stainless steel fermentation tanks ranging from 500 to 2,600 gallons.  Tobacco barns have natural cooling and ventilation, thus the winery stays a mild 58 degrees and is perfect for the barrels in-house.  And the winter is always chilly with the outside ambient temperature, providing natural cold stabilization for the wine to clarify.  It's harmony in working with Mother Nature!

Our wines are kept in separate lots throughout fermentation with particular yeast, barrel and stainless steel tank regimes.  Once filtered and placed in the barrels or stainless tanks, our winemaker frequently tests and waits for the perfect time to blend each wine. Our estate grown wines offer the palate crisp, forward fruit and oftentimes even honey flavors with our hot dry (drought!) summers.  Equus Run Winemaker Cynthia Bohn continually focuses on blending and aging to  create wines with depth and complexity.L