Wedding FAQ’s

Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Timing for my Wedding?

If you are having your wedding and reception at Equus Run, you have 10 consecutive hours from set-up to break down for your event. Additional hours, if available, can possibly be added for a fee. You may choose a morning or afternoon ceremony, but your event will need to end by 11:00 pm.

What is the Payment Schedule?

Confirmation and security deposits are paid by check at the signing of the contract for your preferred venue location. The remaining balance is due before the last ten business days leading up to your event.

What is the Security Deposit?

The security deposit is a $300 fee, paid by check at the signing of your contract. This deposit is used to cover any unforeseen costs, breaches of contract, or damage. After your event has taken place, and all necessary deductions applied, your deposit may be refunded in part or in whole.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation will result in forfeiture of your $950 confirmation deposit. You can find more information about our cancellation policy in our Wedding Contract.

What kind of Alcohol Service do you have? Is there a Discount and Beverage Minimum?

We will serve your choice of Equus Run wine and commercially available beer at your event for up to four hours during your event. Cases of our wine are sold at a preferred rate, and we require a minimum purchase of two cases at the signing of your contract. We also have an optional cocktail service available for an additional fee.

Can we bring our own Alcohol?

No. State regulations prohibit you from bringing outside alcohol onto the premises.

What is your policy on non-alcoholic beverages?

We will provide sodas and water. If you would like, your caterer can provide coffee, tea, and/or lemonade.

What is your Music Policy?

Any outdoor amplified sound must stop at 9:30pm, but can continue inside until 11:00pm, as long as the doors to the venue stay closed. Non-amplified music (such as violin, harp, etc.) does not have any time restrictions.

May I have a Rehearsal for my Ceremony?

Yes. If your wedding is outside, you are welcome to come to Equus Run during business hours to rehearse. If you want to host a rehearsal dinner or require access to the Event Barn for your rehearsal, an additional fee will apply. Please contact us for additional information.

Are there Dressing Rooms?

Yes. The bridal party is welcome to use the loft and restrooms in the Event Barn prior to your ceremony at Equus Run.

May I have my Dog in my Ceremony?

Dogs are permitted on our property and inside the Event Barn. Dogs need to be on a leash and accompanied at all times. We also ask that you clean up after your dog.

What is your Bride and Groom Send-off Policy?

We do not allow synthetic materials, seeds (rice, barley, birdseed, etc.), food items, luminaries, aerial lanterns, or sparklers for send-offs. We suggest real flower petals or bubbles. Please refer to our contract for more information.

Can I Post Signs to Direct Wedding Traffic to the Winery?

Event signage may only be posted on ERV’s property and fences for the day of your event. Please refer to our contract for more information.

Are Candles/Lanterns Allowed to be used for Decor? What about Other Decorations?

Open flames are strictly prohibited, however, battery operated-candles and lanterns may be used for decoration. Other decorations may be used, but please keep in mind that any fixtures such as TV’s, lights, stereo equipment, pictures, etc. cannot be moved or altered.

Can your Parking lots Accommodate Buses?

Yes. There will be designated parking at Equus Run for your event, and space for buses.

Does Equus Run provide food options, or do we hire our own Caterer?

We do not provide catering services, but you can find a list of suggested local caterers in our Wedding Press Kit.

Can we make use of a fog/smoke machine?

No. Unfortunately, we do not allow the use of fog/smoke machines on the property.

How much time is allowed for set-up and break-down?

Set-up and break-down time is included in your total event time allotment. The amount of time allotted for your event depends on the nature of your event. Please see our Wedding Contract for additional information.

What is your clean up policy?

Equus Run requires that all decorations, food, personal effects, and equipment used from an outside source are removed by 11:00 pm on the day of your event.

What Accommodations are there for Inclement Weather?

In case of inclement weather, we allow the use of the picnic pavilion. Many wedding parties have also rented tents.

When are Grape Leaves in Full Canopy?

The grape leaves are in full canopy between June 1st and November 1st.

Are tables and chairs included for my reception?

Yes. Equus Run provides the use of up to 200 white padded chairs, and a variety of table seating options. Set up and break down services for an extra fee.

What is your smoking policy?

All of the facility buildings are deemed non-smoking according to the Woodford County zone ordinance. Guests are encouraged to extinguish smoke products in proper smoking containers to ensure safety and avoid a fire hazard.

Do I need to purchase insurance for my event?

Equus Run does not require that you purchase venue insurance for your event. However, you will be responsible for any damages caused by you or your guests.

In an Event Coordinator provided for my event?

Equus Run will provide a staff member to make sure your venue is in good operation and to answer any questions you may have.

Do I need to make an appointment for a Wedding Tour?

Yes. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your tour of our wedding venues here at Equus Run. You can contact us via email at, or by calling 859-846-9463.